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Meenakshi Hospital

How much does Spine surgery cost?

On thorough examination, the surgeon will recommend the most suitable procedure for you based on your health condition, age, body weight etc. Its actual cost can be worked out only after this process.

What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept all types of payments such as cash, major credit cards, or several other options of plastic money.

Are there any medicines to treat spine problems?

There is no medicine available to control this problem in the long term other than painkillers. The medicines commonly given to control the pain in people suffering from spinal cord problems are pain relievers. Many side effects can occur if painkillers are taken for a long time.

Can a person after spine surgery live a normal life?

Yes, post surgery patients can do almost all their normal functions. Nowadays, we do spine surgery in minimally invasive and endoscopic approach, so there is no major tissue damage.

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